1. Believe it or not many men find it sexy when their woman is interested in the same things they are. Try to get yourself involved in his interests, just be sure to do it in a way that subtly brings attention back to you.

2. It may sound a little corny, but going out and getting some sexy undergarments can really spice up your intimate moments. This can be especially true at this early stage when you are still trying to discover each other sensually.

3. Have a contest with your man where you engage in some form of game play that can eventually lead to the bedroom. Exchange naughty secrets of what you would like to do to each other during the game.

4. Try to find out what one of his fantasies is without asking him and work that into a sexual encounter in a way that will not only surprise him, but will also showcase your willingness to participate in fun and creative sex games.

5. Go to an adult toy store together and explore the store. There may be things in there that are odd and unusual, but most likely you will find things that the two of you might enjoy doing together.

6. If you are at the end of a particularly good date, lean over and whisper to him that you are not wearing any underwear and see how big his eyes get.

7. Trust him with one of your fantasies. Men can find it very sexy just to think that their women have fantasies, and when they are willing to share these secrets it can make it even hotter in the relationship.

8. Cook dinner for him one night in the nude, but do not let him touch you until after you have both finished eating. The sensual act of watching you move around without clothes can build to a very interesting night.

9. Make the first moves on him. There is nothing more exciting than when a woman lets a man know that he is sexually desired.

10. Blindfold him and experiment with touching his skin in different places by doing things like letting your hair caress his chest, face, back, thighs and other parts of his body. If you do this right you can get him really excited to the point where he may just grab you and want to make love to you.

Source by Heather Lee