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Month: June 2018

House Painting Offers A Great Return On Investment

Exterior house painting done properly is probably the single most cost effective action a homeowner can take to preserve and protect their largest investment, their home. The return on investment of a quality paint job is among the best investments a homeowner can make. Not only does your home look great, but painting increases its marketability and value. Quality house painting instantly increases a home's curve appealing. A well maintained properly painted home stands out in a crowd. When people see an expertly painted house, they appreciate that the property has been properly cared for. Regular high level care for a property significantly reduces future maintenance expenses. Costly and time consuming repairs are minimized when a home is well maintained. A great paint job is the perfect way to showcase a home's loving upkeep and attention to detail. When people see a home that needs painting they shy away from further involvement. The thinking is, "if these are the problems I can see, what am I not seeing that will come back to haunt me?" Here Hanks and The Money Pit come to mind. People appreciate a beautifully painted home and understand that painting usually signifies the home has been regularly and properly maintained. A home in need of painting has greatly diminished value. People are very concerned about the expenses that will be incurred when painting the neglected...

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Who Were Some of Bruce Lee’s Students?

During Bruce Lee’s lift time he came in contact and made friends with many people that spanned from the average guy who may have been a student to popular actors of the time. Bruce’s first ever student is Jessie Glover in Seattle, he trained with Lee for about 5 years sometimes more than once a day and is considered an authority on Lee’s style of training.. When he began teaching his Jeet Kune Do style of martial arts, Lee only certified 4 people personally as instructors. These 4 are; James Yimm Lee, Ted Wong, Dan Inosanto and Taky Kimura. Dan Inosanto has trained most of the Jeet Kune Do instructors after Bruce Lee’s death. Inosanto certified instructors for over 30 years which gave all of them direct lineage contact with Lee through him. Inosanto and taky Kimura were allowed to teach only small groups of students after Lee’s death. Other students of Bruce Lee were Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis and Mike Stone who all where already martial artist. We all know about Chuck Norris being Lee’s opponent in the movie Return of the Dragon in the famous coliseum fight. Norris was already an accomplished martial artist when he met Lee, having learned Tang Soo Do in Korea while in the Air Force and competing and teaching back in the U.S.A. The actor James Coburn could be found hanging out...

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Keep going ….. anyway.

Annette Lawrence , Palm Harbor, FL 727-420-4041 “And here in the real estate business, it is the steady and sure that endure to the end, not the fleet and flighty. But you need to know what to expect along the way. Then when the speed bumps arrive. you keep going. When you encounter a failure, you know that is not defeat…you learn and keep going anyway.”Right on target – and – re-blog! 2018! Time to reset or start the year. Inspired at the start of the year with the vision of unprecedented success. We are inspired to occupy the throne of...

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Barbie Beach Party Planning, Ideas, Fun History Facts

Since the time she was released by Mattel in the late 1950s, Barbie has been a favorite among little girls. That’s why a Barbie Beach Party is a perfect idea for any young girl. Guests are invited to bring their favorite Barbie and come to a Barbie Beach (or pool) Party. Beach party decorations can be a lot of fun. Using lots of pinks, purples, and other pastel colored balloons, a good sized wading pool where both guests and their Barbie dolls can splash around, and of course beach towels to lounge around on is the perfect solution to decorating. Beach balls that can be kicked around add to the fun. Of course, besides a sunny day, the most important component of a Barbie Beach Party will be having plenty of sun screen on hand to keep young guests from getting sunburned. After a dip in the pool, guests may enjoy doing something super easy yet crafty like making their own body glitter, stringing together a beaded necklace, or creating a jeweled picture frame or hair barrette. Another fun game would include having a Barbie Dress Up Relay. Each guest will then take the bag of adult -sized clothes (in the form of costumes Barbie has been famous for wearing), and as it becomes their turn, the guest will grab the bag, put the clothes on over their own,...

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Discount Bali Hotels Promises A Comfortable Stay

Indonesia is one of the popular tourist destinations of Asia and Bali Island is the most popular tourist area within the country. The beautiful Island is famous for its beaches, temples, monuments, and amusement parks. The island lies between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. The mythical island of Bali is diamond shaped which offers remarkable scenic beauty of the volcanic mountains, lakes and surrounded by the sparking coral seas. The popular tourist nation is well known for its culture, dance, art, sculpture, painting, leather and metal work and music. Every year great number of tourists visits the beautiful island. There are various attractions which draw the tourists from across the world. Some popular attractions of Bali are Ubed Museum: here you can see the masterpieces of Balinese painting, Nusa Due: it is a popular sea resort, Batubulan: it is a remarkable sculpture art, Pura Besakih: The holiest temple of Bali, Pura Kehen: One of the largest religious complexes in Bali, Kuta: It is a popular tourist resort, Tahah Lot: One of the Bali’s most important temple, Gianyar: an historical small town, in past it was the capital of Powerful kingdoms, Gunung Batur: an active volcano, and many others. To accommodate large number of tourist Bali also offers many luxury as well as discount Bali hotels room. In the Island tourist can get any type of...

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