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Month: September 2019

Knowledge is Not Power – Application of Knowledge is Power

Many people seek knowledge for different reasons. For example, the law of attraction has attracted people who don’t understand the laws. They watched The Secret and were told that if you think it you’ll receive it — like summoning a genie. Unfortunately, the law of attraction doesn’t work that way. Most of the people who took the knowledge from The Secret have not been successful manifesting their desires. Why? The application of the knowledge was incorrect. When you study, what do you with the information? Where does it go? How do you apply it to your life? Perhaps you’re like most people and file the information away in your mind to use for a later date. That date never comes and you forget what you learned. This is counterproductive and doesn’t serve you. Application of knowledge is power Learning how to apply any knowledge you gain is important to your success. When you take a class or workshop, make sure you understand how to apply what you learn. Ask questions and get clarification so you understand precisely how you can use the information to help you in your daily life. When you have a better understanding you’ll be able to help others understand. Gaining knowledge is pointless if you’re not properly using it. For example, for the law of attraction to work the law states the following: you think...

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Carbon Nanotubes: Pros and Cons

Carbon nanotube or CNT is not a new term in the present scenario actually it is the allotrope of carbon sharing a cylindrical nanostructure. The length-to-diameter of nanotubes lies in between 132,000,000:1 and have very fascinating properties to be used in nanotechnology, optics, material science, electronics and other fields of science. Due to their extraordinary thermal conductivity, mechanical and electrical properties carbon nanotubes are used as additives for various structural materials for example, in baseball bats, car parts and golf clubs nanotubes form a very tiny fraction of the material. Nanotubes are members of fullerene family which also includes the buckyballs and the ends of these nanotubes may be capped with the hemisphere of buckyballs. Their name has been derived from their long, hollow structure with walls formed by one-atom thick sheets of carbon known as graphene. These sheets are then rolled at specific and dicrete angle and the combination of rolling angle and radius decides the properties of these nanotubes. Nanotubes are either single-walled nanotubes (SWNTs) or multi-walled nanotubes (MWNTs). The particles of nanotubes are held together by van der Waals forces. Applied quantum chemistry specially the orbital hybridization best describes chemical bonding in them. Chemical bonds are chiefly composed of sp2 bonds similar to those occurring in graphite and are stronger than the sp3 bonds found in diamond and alkanes and so are responsible for great strength...

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How Do I Get My Penis Hard Fast?

How long does it you to get an erection? Do you miss instant, hard and firm erections you got as a teenager? It is not unusual for men to take more and more time to get an erection as they get older. There can be many underlying reasons behind this. Your brain is equally involved in the process of getting an erection and if there are too many things on your mind, it is quite possible to take longer than usual for getting a hard erection. Chronic stress, depression, anxiety and other negative feelings can result in delayed arousal. Not just this, state of your overall health can also play a major role. Being overweight and excess body fat can result in clogging of arteries resulting in sluggish blood flow to the penis. This can not only lead to erectile issues and problems with libido. Ways to Make Your Penis Hard Fast 1. Essential Fats In order to unclog your arteries it is important to include essential fats in your diet. EFA’s like Omega 3 are great for unclogging your arteries and ensuring better blood flow not just throughout the body but to the penis as well. One of the best sources of EFA’s is olives and olive oil. Nuts are also a great source. However, it is important to ensure that include them in your diet in moderation....

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Hidden Security Cameras And Home Burglary

There is a lot of speculation around why home burglary and home invasions have increased in the last six months to almost epidemic proportions. A lot of people blame it on the economy. Desperate people who are having a hard time making ends meet resort to home burglary because it is one of the easiest of all crimes to commit and the chances of getting caught are minimal. That's a sad commentary in it of itself and the subject of another discussion at another time-not here, not now. I read a story just three days ago about the residents of Houston, which is one of the largest cities in the country, respond to burglary and home invasions. It has become so mundane that it just basically doesn't draw any attention at all. Phoenix, Arizona, the kidnapping capital of the world, is rapidly becoming the home invasion and burglary capital of at least the United States. In the case of Phoenix the reason that home burglary and home invasions have become so popular is because of its proximity to Mexico and the drug corridor that snakes up through Arizona into parts of New Mexico and into Colorado. In Suffolk, Virginia recently a homeowner who installed hidden security cameras caught Jamil Cobbs red-handed along with one of his buddies stealing a safe from his home. Cobbs was readily identified and is...

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Cunninlingus For Beginners – 3 Steps to Make Her Squeal With Delight!

One of the hardest things to do as a guy, is to go down on a girl and provide amazing cunnilingus. In all honesty, it does take some practice and some learning on the different techniques that work amazingly well. But there are definitely some things you can do as a beginner to make her squeal in absolute delight. Let’s get started: 1. Warm her up. Don’t dive right in, but rather warm things up by kissing, touching and licking. Slowly make your move downtown. Once you are there you want to continue to warm things up, by kissing and licking the thighs and the vagina area. Once you hear that she’s getting excited, then you can zero in on the clitoris and go to work. 2. Go gentle with a FLAT tongue. You can experiment later with a firmer, more pointed tongue, but for beginners it’s best to use a flat tongue to start with. Girls can be very sensitive and many have stated a firm, pointed tongue can be too harsh. Go gentle and feel her out. If she’s sensitive then take it easy and maneuver slowly. 3. Use this Technique. For a good starter technique, simply focus on tongue circles. Just go round and round with your tongue as if you are making circles. This is a basic, but effective technique. Beyond your circle action you...

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