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Month: November 2019

How Do You Get Your Business?

There is a sweet spot between being smart and dumb that is just right for marketers. For instance, it's well known that salespeople can be too smart for their own good, over-talking, wearing out their welcome, putting feet in their mouths, and not listening enough, or allowing prospects to sell themselves. At the same time, if you can figure out a way of putting more customers on the books, and keeping them there, as frequent flyer and awards programs have, then you can see the payoff for being clever. I've found there is a single question that can help you to find a perfect middle ground, while learning a lot, as well: "Where do you get your business?" Yesterday, for example, I caught up with a client who has his own hypnotism practice. He does a nifty stage act and he counsels individuals, helping them to get more sales and to turn their lives around in various ways. I asked him how he's doing, he said "Great!" and then I asked the magical question about his source of business. "Whenever I want business, I stand in front of a 7-11, walk up to smokers and say, 'I see you smoke' and they say 'Yup,' and I ask 'Have you ever thought of quitting?" and they say 'I'd love to' and then I hand them my card, and it's as...

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Five Challenges Every Small Business Owner Faces

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, you've heard that; and it's true. Some 98.6% of all businesses are considered small, so they're significant, and every large business was at one point, small. Here are five challenges every small business faces: (1) Staffing. How can small businesses attract and afford the best talent? This is tough, because larger firms and even the nonprofit sector and government might dispense better health benefits and even compensation. So, the small enterprise has to sell potential employees on the fact that they'll gain experience, get hands-on training, and see more growth possibilities with them. (2) Leadership & Management Skills. Most small business owners are great at some task, whether it's cost containment, niche marketing, or creative skill. But they tend to not have formal training in how to manage their enterprises, or what to do, strategically, to make them better and to get their people to perform better. (3) Sales. Every business can use more sales, and as one of my clients said, there are few problems in business that can't be cured with a few more sales! Even if the boss is great at selling, he or she probably has too little time, and too many hats to wear to do it enough to take the enterprise where he wants it to go. (4) Training. Without a capacity to train new...

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40 Ideas For Safety Meeting Topics

Safety meetings are the right time to discuss about health and safety related matters in the workplace. Safety meetings can be held regularly or incidentally as a response on occurrence of a specific health and safety problem or after an incident or accident happens. Ideally, safety meetings focus on just one specific topic. But, what kind of topics do we have to discuss? Here are some topics that you can use in the meeting: Safety policy Applicable safety regulations Compliance status on safety regulations New safety regulation Incident and accident investigation Safety audit findings OHSAS 18001 surveillance findings Safety patrol finding Personal protective equipments Eye protection Hearing protection Hand and foot injuries Risk assessment for new plant facility On-way traffic control in the plant site Pressure vessel regular testing Working around electricity Emergency response procedure Construction safety Working in a confined space Lockout and tagout programs Heat stress Hazards identification or recognition How to read Material Safety Data Sheet How to handle compressed gas safely Hazardous material preservation and handling Slips, trips and falls Near miss incident reporting Fire extinguisher usage Safety precaution in case of fire Maintenance of fire fighting equipments Safety control for the transformer yard Fire fighting placement and location indication Self-inspection system Chemical exposure control Safety training program Gas cylinder control and protection Hazardous material symbol and label implementation Loss control report issued by plant...

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Scandinavia Attractions

Scandinavia denotes the countries within the northern European peninsula, namely Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. These nations have similar cultural characteristics, and they even have flags and languages ​​that are much alike. Collectively, they are likewise termed the Nordic countries. A tour of Scandinavia is liable to afford a single using a splendid view of the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. That is a beautiful pure phenomenon in which the sky looks like a surreal, multi-colored curtain of lights. It normally happens in the months of March, April, September and October. But if a single isn't lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights, you will discover tons of other, less ephemeral attractions that Scandinavia delivers. The hot springs of Iceland, the fjords of Norway, the mountain ski resorts of Sweden are a just few of those attractions. There too are numerous stunning sights: parks, castle ruins, cathedrals, gardens and museums. Different activities like skiing, hiking and participating in Scandinavian festivals are very fashionable and pleasant. Also worth mentioning is the one other healthy phenomenon distinctive in the area: the midnight sun. This is seen throughout the endless summer days in the northernmost regions, especially Norway. Norway, the "Land from the Vikings", is an archipelago popular for its deep fjords (extended thin inlet with steep sides) and wooden churches. Its funds is Oslo, in which one can visit the...

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Hit the Road With Arizona Hotels & Sights the Whole Family Will Love

Arizona. It's home to "The Valley of the Sun," the Grand Canyon, world-class golf, spas and museums. And when it comes to road-tripping, there are plenty of Arizona hotels dotting the state's cities and highways that make getting away from it all comfortable, convenient and affordable. So pile the kids into the car and hit the road – and discover all this oasis in the desert has to offer. Route 66 Arizona is home to the longest original stretch of "The Mother Road" in America – and is filled with beautiful sights, kitschy shops, great diners and friendly faces. Start your journey with an overnight stay in Williams. In the morning, drive up to Grand Canyon National Park, where you can hike one of America's most iconic areas, study ancient petroglyphs and enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors. Afterward, head to Flagstaff for the night and unwind at an Arizona hotel surrounded by the scenic beauty of this mountainous university town. The next day, visit the city's Museum of Northern Arizona, where you can learn about the land and peoples of the Colorado Plateau. Afterward, grab a bite at the 50s-style Galaxy Diner and browse the shops along Route 66 and Flagstaff's quaint downtown. In the evening, take a tour of Lowell Observatory and see the telescope used to spot Pluto. After another overnight stay in Flagstaff, take...

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