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Month: December 2019

Fitness Intensity Training – The Benefits

As a Scottsdale Personal Trainer on more than one occasion I have had clients come to me and say "I've been working out with another trainer but I haven't been obtaining the results I think I should be." My first response to this is usually "well how is your diet looking?" If they tell me that their diet is dialed in, I'll ask "have you been doing your cardio?" Again if the response is positive and they have in fact been doing their cardio, I'll ask "do your workouts leave you exhausted and sweaty?" If the other two answers are favorable this response is usually "sort of, my trainer and I go through the motions and do a lot of talking." Now I'm not implying that it's not OK to talk with your trainer or client during a workout but the point I'm trying to make is more often than not you will encounter trainers who lack one very important element to being effective. Intensity. That one word can be the difference between you the client getting your money's worth and you having a seventy dollar per hour friend. Usually the trainers I've seen do this are oblivious to the fact that they even do it. Most of the time they think that if they can hold a "good conversation" with their client for an hour then they are...

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Are You Interested in an Arizona Business for Sale?

Arizona is well-known for the scenic beauty of its high mountains and sweeping desert landscape, both of which are in sharp contrast to its thriving, ultra-modern cities-including Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa and Sedona. Because of the rapidly growing, dynamic economy it has enjoyed, both start-up technology businesses and Fortune 500 companies now call the state home. They benefit from a favorable tax structure combined with a competitive business environment, along with a highly skilled, knowledgeable workforce. Moving to Arizona The state has long been known as one of the premier relocation destinations in the United States. As a rule, Arizona experiences a growth in population that is double or triple that of the nationwide average. Entrepreneurs who are looking for an Arizona business for sale will find an impressive array of investment opportunities throughout the state in sectors and varied as technology, manufacturing and business development. Note that the industries described below are among the most dominant in the state, and mining and agriculture are also significant in the rural areas: Aerospace industry This industry, which has had a multi-billion-dollar impact on Arizona's economy, is the Southeast Valley's major employer and one of the largest employers in the region-and constantly looking for top research talent to meet its various demands. Taken together, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Mesa are the site of more than 200 private companies, an Air Force...

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Adult Dance Lessons and Other Fun Ways to Exercise

Very few people enjoy exercise. It’s no fun, it’s doesn’t feel good and it’s often boring. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of fun ways to exercise and stay fit without boring exercises. Adult dance lessons are only one way of many to get good exercise. Below are three activities that give you good exercise, but are not boring. 1. Play with your kids. Count yourself lucky if you have small kids. Playing with them will give you a good workout. Kid’s games are a fun way to exercise. Thirty minutes of tag or soccer will really get your heart pumping. Jump rope is another activity that will get you going. Only do that one if your knees can handle it! Hula-hoop is definitely a fun exercise, which will help you trim your stomach and hips. In fact, adults hula-hoop to lose weight all the time. 2. Ride your bike. Bike riding is a very enjoyable way of exercising. You can even organize a biking trip with the entire family. Set aside a specific day and time for biking. Pick a time when the entire family can go together. Sunday afternoon would be a great time. Even if you only bike around the neighborhood or park, this can be fun exercise and great family time. 3. Take adult dance lessons. Dancing is an excellent...

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Bad Chemistry Can Quickly Dissolve Customer Relationships!

I'm doing everything in my power to avoid doing any more business than strictly necessary with the car dealership where I leased my car. Literally, they've been pushing away my business, since I got into my new ride. Where I used to get free loan cars as a matter of course, they stopped subsidizing them, unless authorized under warranty repairs. Their service department inconveniently requires appointments a full week in advance, and they're in the habit of losing parts that I've handed them that that fall off the car, errant pieces of the luxury interior, for instance. But the most problematic issue is how they've been changing their personnel, bringing in hardball communicators who speak in "mands." These include commands, "You MUST do X;" and demands, "You'll HAVE TO HAVE Y." Indelicate at best, but usually defensive and destructive of relationships, mand-dispensers usually fly under the radar of anyone who can correct them. They disturb customers greatly, but seem to do nothing that is so obvious, that it can be detected easily. What you do see is mysterious fallout from their word-bombs. Customers drop-off all around the demanders and commanders, yet the offended don't feel they have a smoking gun to point to that sums up why they feel the service advisors upset them. So, the behavior continues, until a consultant comes in and actually hears their language. By...

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A Retirement Experiment – Is Communal Living For You?

Two couples, both senior citizens, began an experiment recently. One couple is from near Chicago, the other from near Dallas. They converged in the Scottsdale area, and began sharing a domicile which met their mutual needs. They are part time residents in their respective locations, thus enabling a two home convenience in various seasons. One might wonder why in the world would anyone want to consider such an arrangement. What are the considerations? * If a couple desires enjoying a second home, without the full burden of a year lease, shared expenses becomes the first and most notable advantage. Working out a clear budget and sharing of the same will be the first requirement. Include all expenses: lease payments, grocery and other essentials, utilities and monitoring those frequently will add to the workability of such a plan. The foursome in question opened a joint bank account to simplify bookkeeping. * There are some obvious wrinkles that have to be ironed out and agreed to. Those wrinkles include reaching practical and objective agreements regarding shared living arrangements. Having intermittent conversations about what is working and what is not will also be necessary. Addressing the comforts of all will necessitate the compromise of each. * Determining a location means doing research and having a clear picture of what each couple's needs are. For example: a house with two master suites works...

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