The Building Code of Australia seems set to introduce 5-star energy ratings for all new homes. While some associations in the building industry are concerned that this is likely to push the cost of building up, it is s step in the right direction for energy efficient housing.

The move is in line with the Australian Greenhouse Office’s objective to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Until recently many homes in Australia have needed to meet a level of 4-star energy efficiency as a minimum. While this was a vast improvement on the energy efficiency and comfort for new homes, it was still just the first step to ensuring your home is comfortable and doesn’t waste precious power resources.

Even in states like Tasmania where hydro-power doesn’t emit greenhouses gases, sensible measures are required to manage the power supply. The new Bass link which was supposed to be used to export clean energy is now being considered for importing energy when the water levels in the dams are low.

The shift over recent years in energy efficient designs and requirements has lead to a big increase in the insulation industry. A wide range of choices are now available to builders and the consumer to ensure that their home is insulated to a high level and can reach 5-star energy efficiency.

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Source by Libe Chacos