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Keeping Your Home Spa Clean

Purchasing a home spa is a great expense; which can be easily wasted if you don't keep your hot tub in good condition. Hot tubs provide an area for you to relax and unwind at the end of the day. They also provide a luxurious...

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The Cottage Garden

Cottages are a retreat for our soul. Places where we can both unwind and regenerate our families and ourselves. Generally our cottages are nestled in areas of raw bush and craggy rock. The mistake many people make with their...

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Real Estate Characteristics

Real estate has several unique characteristics that affect its value. There are economic characteristics and physical characteristics. Real estate is a product to be purchased but it is different from anything else due to the...

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The Myth of Menstruation

Concurring with my good friend and brother, Rev. Phil Valentine (metaphysician out of New York), the female menstrual cycle is normal, but NOT natural. As the human body has the innate capabilities to adapt to pathologies,...

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