Winter in Florida and summer at Lake Tahoe are the peak seasons for real estate sales in these opposite parts of the country. With more properties coming on the market during these short peak periods than any other time of year, how do you generate interest and excitement when there is intense competition at every price point under $2 million?

I think it is important to take a multi-faceted approach to marketing new listings. Just putting a new listing on the MLS and having an open house on the weekly MLS tour is not enough to get the other agents excited about bringing buyers to your property. Using creativity, some planning and building a comprehensive marketing program showcasing your property will help to sell it faster and at a higher percentage of the asking price.

Pricing your property in line with current market conditions is only part of the equation. Taking a multi-faceted approach to promoting a new listing is the key to generating the most interest from buyers and agents.

When a new listing is put on the MLS, I like to send e-mails and faxes to every agent and office in the community as an extra level of marketing support. Print advertising, a virtual tour, exposure on my broker’s web site and my personal real estate web site ( can all be used to show off the interior and exterior features of a property.

Open houses are an important tool for selling properties in resort markets, especially on weekends in the off season and everyday during the busy peak season. When there are a lot of prospects walking through a particular property at the same time, it creates a level of excitement that can spur potential buyers into action. Promoting the open house through print ads, signs, direct mail and on your web site are critical to driving traffic to the property.

But the most important factors in creating high demand for your property are to price it right and roll out the marketing campaign in a well-planned manner. I recommend that you have the property on the MLS tour followed by a weekend of open houses in order to make sure that every agent in your community has a chance to contact their buyers and get them to see your property. This helps to create a stronger demand for your property by making a larger number of agents and buyers aware of it in a short amount of time.

The vast majority of buyers in most resort markets do not live there full time, so they need some advance notice in order to make a trip up to see the property. Trying to sell a property in a few days is a nice goal, but it usually precludes having the greatest number of prospects view your property. By working together on showcasing your property and the timing of the listing, you can create more demand for your property by implementing a marketing plan that brings in the greatest numbers of buyers to see your property the first several days after it is listed.

Source by Don Kanare