iTunes acts as an interface between a Mac OS X or Windows computer. Ideally, this allows an iPod user to manage data on iPod using different sets of protocols. But what if you connect your iPod to the computer and instead of allowing data access, the computer freezes iTunes? Such situations require a user to take corrective iPod Recovery measures.

Consider a user connects his iPod to a Mac OS X or Windows computer. He / she observes that the iTunes application cannot run and becomes unresponsive as soon as you attach the iPod. Further, when it disconnects the same from the computer, iTunes starts working as normal and becomes responsive again. Such problems won't let you use iTunes to manage contents on your iPod because of their repetitive nature.


The discussed issue can be resolved by:

Making sure that your computer (Mac OS X or Windows) is updated with all software updates. For this, Mac OS X users can use 'Software Update', while Windows user can use 'Windows Update' feature.

Updating your iTunes application to the latest version available.

Making sure that 'Prevent iPods and iPhones from syncing automatically' option is checked, to disable the automatic syncing of iPod. If this make it recognizable, you can re-enable sync options one at a time and then discard the associated data to sync.

Trying to delete existing podcast episodes.

Trying to duplicate the problem by connecting the iPod to another computer.

If iPod is recognized by other computer, the original computer is affected from issues like, corrupted or if it still exhibits the same behavior, as above, you need to restore the iPod to default factory settings and restore the deleted data from backup.

Restoring prepares it as new with no data. In such situations if backup fails or is absent, it is advisable to use an iPod Data Recovery tool to recover it. A Recovery utility can scan and locate lost / deleted data from device using powerful, yet safe, scanning algorithms.

Source by Simpson Raid